Are you managing your project or is your project managing you?

Put your projects in order with a tool that you will learn to use in less than 15 minutes. With, you can manage projects, sales pipeline, invoicing, and business communications.

Project management

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4.8 out of 5 stars (4.8 / 5)

Our pick as the best project management tool. Easy to use, highly visual and functional, suitable for small and large businesses.


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The perfect tool for Finnish entrepreneurs


4.4 out of 5 stars (4.4 / 5)

This entrepreneurs best friend works perfectly on mobile and on desktop. Finnish quality! Manage billing and financials with Taimer, all in one easy application. Taimer requires some learning, but when you get the hang of it, everything is really in order.


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  • Highly visual and clean look
  • Internal communications
  • The fastest browser-based project management tool
  • Super easy to use
  • Versatile integrations
  • Open API
  • Mobile apps: iOS and Android

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  • Financial Management
  • Electronic billing and invoice automation
  • Internal communications
  • Work time management
  • Reporting and dashboards
  • CRM and sales management
  • Mobile apps: iOS and Android

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The right software helps the whole team

If you are tired of the endless swamp of e-mails and Google docs, then you have come to the right place.

Nowadays, we are working with multiple different projects at the same time, and the project team is often spread around the world in different locations. Managing such projects has become almost impossible without a working project management software.

Many project management software have the problem that they are complex to use, which makes implementation difficult and costly, especially when users are not in the same office location. Many of the projects also require close cooperation with the client and other suppliers. In this case, even a good internal project management software does not remove the hassle of communicating with third parties. has been our solution to these problems. Getting started with it does not require much practice, but thanks to its versatility, it is suitable for almost every project management need.

Taimer is another project management tool presented and recommended on our site. However, Taimer can be considered more as a “toolbox for businesses”. Taimer has all the important features that businesses need, from financial management to automatic billing. It is truly the “all you need” -application for businesses.

Choose a tool for purpose and users:

  • Taimer = For running a company
  • = For project management and tracking
  • Taimer users = Company owners and management
  • users = All (including guest users)

“Often the best combination is Taimer + combo. Taimer for running the company and for managing the projects.”



Why does project management work like a charm with

Transparency motivates. With Monday can get a one-glance overview on who is responsible for what task. This means that everyone can see the results of your hard work. At the same time, you will see who needs more help with their work, which reduces the probability of getting buried under the workload. This makes both clients and employees happier!

monday visual project management tool


  • You can see at a glance how your projects are doing
  • Easily assign tasks, projects, and to-do lists for yourself and to your team members
  • You use your work time efficiently
  • Import and export data to spreadsheets
  • Seamlessly work with other popular applications. For example, Google Drive, Dropbox, Slack, Trello…

All this is also available on mobile!All this is also available on mobile!

Did the lack of communication break the whole project?

With you will no longer lose important messages or forget to give answers. You or your team no longer need go through emails or sit in meetings because you have all your communications centralized in one project management software. This gives you more time to focus on the project in hand and finish it in time.

How does work?

The principle of is simple. A board is created for the project, where you define the various stages of the project. Under the project board, you can create different tasks and assign one or more persons for each task. Each task also creates its own discussion group, which the project participants can use for communication. For each task, you can also add people who receive automatic messages on the progress of the task and new posts in the discussion group.

The discussion group significantly reduces the time spent on internal communication and the messages related to each task remain in their own threads. Each thread also has its own e-mail address, which allows you to store e-mail communication under the right project and task.

You can bundle tasks within a project board for their own groups. Task groups and individual tasks can also be moved from one project board to another with just a couple of clicks.

You’ll get the best idea by trying it yourself.

monday project management at office

What do we use monday for?

We at SEOSEON use for almost everything. We use monday to manage client projects, sales pipeline, invoicing, and our own marketing efforts. Monday’s pricing is extremely reasonable considering its functionality.

Use examples:

1. Project management – Share the project into tasks, set deadlines and person in charge for each task. Easily track the progress of different stages from a well-designed project view.

2. Sales pipeline – Monday works also as a simple sales tracking tool. Make a board for open sales opportunities, won deals and lost deals. Create different steps for your sales process, a column for the value of the deal, won/lost deal column and a reason for the loss (if the deal was lost). When the sales opportunity closes, you can transfer the deal into lost or won deal board. This way, the sales managers can easily see at one glance the ratio of won and lost deals, the value of current sales and the performance of each salesperson.

3. Invoicing – For small businesses, monday also works well for invoicing. Divide your invoice board into monthly groups and make invoices for different companies as their own tasks. This allows you to easily track billed amounts and you see which customers have paid their invoices.

4. Content Calendar – With monday you also manage your company’s content production. Share different content into its own assignment, specify the content creation process and the person responsible for each piece of content. This way, you keep track of what time your team is generating content and, for example, the person in charge of social media can easily find out when new material is ready to be published.

Monday Pricing

Monday Basic
5 users
21 € / Mo
Project management tool with basic features
14-days free trial
5 GB of storage
Simple search function
Filter by person
iOS and Android apps
Add unlimited boards
Two-factor authentication
24/7 support
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Monday Standard
5 users
32 € / Mo
Project management tool with advanced features
14-days free trial
Everything in Basic Plus
50 GB of storage
Crazy powerful search
Filter by anything
Create your own account templates
Add updates via email
External integrations
Share boards with guests
Limited number of guests
Full API
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Why Taimer is the perfect tool for a business owners?

Taimer is project- and enterprise management tool developed by Finnish software company Taimer Oy.

replace eight applications with taimer
Taimer will replace eight applications!

Taimer has been developed with the help of Finnish entrepreneurs and it has all the tools for project management, billing and running a business. On average, you can replace 8 different applications and it is a comprehensive package for any entrepreneur or business.

With Taimer:

  • You keep track of projects and working time
  • You handle your company’s purchases and sales
  • You can make expense- and travel invoices
  • You automate repetitive business routines
  • You replace several different applications
  • Enhance teamwork and save time that goes into reporting and communication

How does Taimer work?

Taimer is a cloud-based project- and enterprise management tool that works in your browser. The program works directly in your computer browser, so you do not have to download separate software to use it. All you need is a computer with internet connection and you are good to go. Taimer also works on Android and iOS smartphones and tablets.

Using Taimer requires a bit of practice and at first it might seem quite challenging. However, Taimer offers good downloadable guide, that introduces you to the basic features of the program.

Taimer also provides training where their staff teaches you how to use the program efficiently. This tool requires a bit of learning, but when you get the hang of it, all things related to running your business will run smoothly.

What can you do with Taimer:

Taimer is very versatile and it can replace multiple applications and software that companies, and enterprises use on daily basis. That’s why Taimer is the perfect tool for every business.

Taimer CRM
Taimer also have powerfull CRM!

CRM and sales management: With versatile and easy-to-use customer and sales management, you will never miss a potential opportunity. You can easily manage proposal and order database, customer information and projects.

Taimer project management
Taimer is smooth project management tool.

Project- and worktime management: Taimer lets you follow, manage and execute projects swiftly. Android and iOS applications make it possible to work from anywhere, anytime. Taimer makes teamwork more efficient and productive.

Financial management and reporting: Your business financial management is easy with Taimer. The program includes all the financial management tools that your company needs. It also has bank and collection agency integrations, so everything is set up for you.

Taimer internal communication
Handle all internal communications with Taimer.

Communication: Taimer makes communication and teamwork more efficient. With Taimer Teamchat messaging tool, you save a lot of time and hassle that goes into traditional messaging systems, like WhatsApp, emails, SMS, calls, Skype and other apps. Taimer also has Office365 and Google Calendar integrations.

Project tracking, billing and communications anywhere you are: Taimer also runs on Android and iOS mobile devices. You or your employees no longer need to send reports back and forth, or make long phone calls, as all the data is also available in mobile. The information will always be up-to-date, no matter where you or your employees are in the world.

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Taimer products for startups and big corporations

Taimer lets you choose the product package that suits best for your business. These packages are Taimer Free, Taimer Standard, Taimer Pro and Taimer Pro plus.

Free: Taimer Free is project management, CRM and billing software that is designed for private entrepreneurs and startups. Taimer Free has the basic tools that small start-up company needs.

Standard: Taimer Standard is the ideal solution for small businesses who want to save time and increase productivity. Standard package includes all features that are in Free version. It also has unlimited invoices, projects, time tracker, expenses and a task manager.

Pro: Taimer Pro includes all advanced Standard version features and it also has calendars, resource scheduling, billing, GPS trip tracking, product sales and documentation tool. Pro package is best suited for larger companies and growing businesses.

Pro +: Taimer Pro Plus is an ideal and comprehensive tool for companies or corporations that have multiple subsidiaries or teams around the world. Pro Plus enables the management of all subsidiaries with one tool. Plus package has all the Pro features and basically everything that keep big corporations running.

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taimer project management tool


Overall 4.8 out of 5 stars4.4 out of 5 stars
Usability5 out of 5 stars4 out of 5 stars
Customer service5 out of 5 stars4.5 out of 5 stars
Features4.5 out of 5 stars4.5 out of 5 stars
Value for money4.5 out of 5 stars4.5 out of 5 stars
Pricestart at 4,20€/mo/userstart 0€/max. 2 users
Free trial✅ Yes✅ Yes
Free version❌ No✅ Yes
Software✅ Browser✅ Browser
✅ Windows❌ Windows
✅ Mac❌ Mac
Mobile apps✅ Android-app✅ Android-app
✅ iOS-app✅ iOS-app
Features✅ Financial management✅ Financial management
✅ Bug tracking✅ Bug tracking
✅ Internal communications✅ Internal communications
✅ File sharing✅ File sharing
✅ Gantt charts✅ Gantt charts
✅ Idea management✅ Idea management
✅ Error control✅ Error control
✅ Stage monitoring✅ Stage monitoring
✅ Percentage tracking✅ Percentage tracking
✅ Project portfolio management✅ Project portfolio management
✅ Project planning✅ Project planning
✅ Requirement management✅ Requirement management
✅ Resource management✅ Resource management
✅ Status tracking✅ Status tracking
✅ Task management✅ Task management
✅ Testing✅ Testing
✅ Quality control✅ Quality control
✅ Time and expense tracking✅ Time and expense tracking
Customer service✅ 24h live support✅ 24h live support
✅ Online support✅ Online support
Training✅ Personal (free)✅ Personal
✅ Online-Live✅ Online-Live
✅ Webinars✅ Webinars
✅ Guides✅ Guides